About RatedAcademy

Rated Academy Description

RatedAcademy connects both learners and teachers with the resources they need to reach achieve their maximum potential. Enjoy a holistic learning experience, build professional relationships, earn, learn, and interact and recruit from one single easy-to-use mobile platform.

Learn at your own pace, with interactive content designed to impact knowledge in meaningful ways that represent real-world professional relationships. Users can join the same groups of interest and interact with one another through direct and group messages, employers can easily recruit from groups relating to their fields of endeavour.

Earn from job offers as well as paid video consulting as well as an array of options including live classes, product sales as well as resale of products on the RatedAcademy Marketplace and more. There’s no better time than now to earn from social media.

Connect to your friends, family, and loved ones in realtime through audio and video meetings, personal as well as group chats, direct messaging, in-person events and more.

Rated Academy also offers you online fun, on the go, in addition to corporate e-learning solutions that help businesses and organizations provide self-paced as well as competitive training with in-depth content as well as reputable certificates.

Complete courses on the go through our unique mobile swift-learning interface.  Thrill your users with interactive content that come alive through real-time gamification for meaningful engagements.